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Tanimbar Selalu di Hati / To my beloved mom RIP

This video is dedicated to my beloved mom R I P Tanimbar always on my mind Your host on this trip through Tanimbar islands is Theresia Sabono who also had
By: MaxTrevorful | Duration: 5.17 min | Views: 571

RIP Hati, The serious version

This is literally close to the most effort ive ever put into editing
By: This Is News | Duration: 0.82 min | Views: 18

JANTONG HATI from Emily - the Musical

From the MTL musical by Stella Kon and Desmond Moey performed by Selly Marina Jennifer Ebron and Anil Mohan Emilys straying husband Kheong calls Diana Le
By: MusicalTheatreLive | Duration: 1.83 min | Views: 17

RIP Hati

Hati was a member of GoronCity originally and he had been an active rager and friend to all of us for many years He passed away recently and I decided I c
By: This Is News | Duration: 2.73 min | Views: 29

For my beloved mom

Mom you mean the world to me Its hard to live without you You were always by my side Through thick and thin you helped me Now when youre gone my life is ha
By: sonniasplit | Duration: 3.47 min | Views: 102

Ammar Hamdan - Cuba Berikan & O Beloved Muhammad, Assalamualaikum TV Al-Hijrah [LIVE]

Performing both songs LIVE and interviewed by the host of Assalamualaikum only on TV Al-Hijrah LIKE SHARE facebook-com AmmarHamdanMalaysia Fol
By: AmmarHamdanMalaysia | Duration: 8.47 min | Views: 68

My Beloved Friends @ BRI Agro

Selamat berpisah untuk sementara teman2ku tercinta yg ada di BRI Agro KP Aku kan pergi ke kota yg tdk pernah kukunjungi sebelumnya Namunkupercaya Semang
By: vitra napitupulu | Duration: 4.95 min | Views: 43

My beloved mom

By: Mèo Mun | Duration: 8.23 min | Views: 51

忘了伤心的人 / Si Jantung Hati - 千百惠 * A. Putra & Irma M. S. 《参巴飄香系列》

Sambal Fragrance Series Si Jantung Hati Ade Putra Irma Maya Sopha 1985 1986
By: boogetman65 | Duration: 9.33 min | Views: 39987

RIP Hanni - Ada Di Hati

Hanni Permadani beloved
By: Rumana Bee | Duration: 4.53 min | Views: 3

stopmotion anniversary to my beloved rzhpryn

9 bulan penuh perjuangan udah lama nunggu tgl 18 pengen bikinin kamu stop motion masih amatiran sih mainin aplikasi movie maker yang lumayan bertele-tele g
By: lini setya | Duration: 4.83 min | Views: 2512

Kristal - Luahan Hati

Kristal-Luahan Hati Album Version sound recording administered by UMG
By: JaDe Riff | Duration: 9.6 min | Views: 1345530

Penghormatan Buat Para Ibunda Yg Dikasihi / Special Tribute to Dearly Beloved Mothers

Penghormatan Buat Para Ibunda Yang Dikasihi Special Tribute to Dearly Beloved Mothers Dalam Hati Setiap Manusia Ada Tempat Istimewa - Ibu oleh P Raml
By: Yahya Hamid SG | Duration: 7.17 min | Views: 159

Krispatih - Sebentuk Hati Buat Kekasih

Nice lovely song i dedicated specially to beloved wife on her Birthday Boy she so beautiful
By: sultanm3 | Duration: 6.1 min | Views: 113519

Dato' Siti Nurhaliza & Hafiz - Muara Hati lirik (Ost. Adam & Hawa)

Dato Siti Nurhaliza Hafiz - Muara Hati lirik Ost Adam Hawa
By: Les Miserable | Duration: 3.77 min | Views: 85148

Paroki Hati Kudus Palembang - Chinese New Year...

This video is dedicated to all my beloved parishoners at Sacred Heart Parish - Palembang Youre blessed youre equipped do not be afraid
By: Agus Suyono | Duration: 4.17 min | Views: 5

Nana Azmi Feat Manglo Band -Sang Penuntun Hati

Single Baru Nana Azmi menampilkan Vokalis Kumpulan Manglo dari Indonesia Sang Penuntun Hati-Nana Azmi Feat Manglo 1 CELCOM CMT VERSE Taip888 163860 dan
By: TheSeventeenEleven | Duration: 6.13 min | Views: 50208

Becoming Beloved: Words, Actions, and States to Allah's Love - Habib Kadhim al-Saqqaf

Habib Kadhim offered this counsel to viewers of the Ramadan Fasting for Love webinar Habib Kadhim currently teaches at the prestigious Islamic institute Da
By: SeekersHub | Duration: 7.6 min | Views: 1451

My Beloved Rocky - We Miss n Love U PART I

Need puppies border collie warna hitam dengan sedikit bulu putih di dadanya kl ane search di google kebanyakan namanya border collie mix golden retriever
By: bmonic1 | Duration: 2.53 min | Views: 159

BANTEN, TANGSEL: The Beloved Family of Us (Ikang Fawzi, Marissa Haque, Isabella & Chikita Fawzi)

TANGSEL The Beloved Family of Us Ikang Fawzi Marissa Haque Isabella Fawzi Chikita Fawzi Thank You Menik
By: Marissa Haque Ikang Fawzi | Duration: 1.08 min | Views: 4595