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E3 Show: Official Skylanders SWAP Force Trailer

SWAP Force is the magical new Skylanders adventure where toys come to life The E3 Show trailer features all-new SWAP Force Skylanders in action see them
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 2.83 min | Views: 4185577

Skylanders: The Beginning

Frozen on the outside alive on the inside The Beginning tells the Skylanders back story see the epic events that brought the Skylanders to our world Fo
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 2.1 min | Views: 6701048

skylanders magice and free codes

codes from redmammoth 100 cool please may i have some comets
By: ros passmore | Duration: 1.72 min | Views: 3892

"It's Christmas 4 Bad Guyz 2!" [Official Skylanders Giants]

Christmas aint just for the GOOD guys the BAD guys love it too Check out this special Christmas video with a catchy song from Toys for Bob the game stud
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 2.82 min | Views: 3202532

Mobile Starter Pack Trailer: Official Skylanders

Bring the Skylanders to life everywhere you go with the Mobile Starter Pack Skylanders Mobile Starter Pack lets you bring the Skylanders to life on your iPh
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 1.05 min | Views: 476158

"Tall Tales" Extended Trailer: Official Skylanders Giants

Start an all new adventure this with Skylanders Giants the sequel to the hit Skylanders Spyros Adventure Thousands of years ago the Giants fought epic ba
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 2.28 min | Views: 7490705

"Tall Tales" TV Trailer: Official Skylanders Giants

The magic continues Skylanders Giants the sequel to last years breakthrough video game Skylanders Spyros Adventure is in stores now skylander
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 1.08 min | Views: 12744035

Skylanders BOOMCAST: Wash Buckler, Stink Bomb & Skylanders SWAP Force

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SKYLANDERS VIDEOS bit ly 1buOS6I Skylanders Boomcast brings you the latest in Skylanders SWAP Force news Host Zachary Gordon reve
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 6.37 min | Views: 389351

Official Skylanders Collection Vault

Download it here for free bit ly 1ep923G Skylanders Collection Vault is the Portal Masters best friend Keep track of your collection and see which
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 0.55 min | Views: 85416

Meet the Skylanders: Swarm (Giant) [Extended cut]

Bring the Sting Swarm was once a prince from a proud race of mysterious insect warriors that had built their entire civilization inside a giant honeycombed
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 0.48 min | Views: 520375

Meet the Skylanders: Doom Stone

Another Smash Hit Doom Stone was carved from the strongest and purest stone in Skylands then magically brought to life by a wizard who was rather lazy and
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 0.32 min | Views: 139746

Skylanders online

I hope you like
By: Hannah Case | Duration: 5.13 min | Views: 19693

Legendary Trigger Happy Code Giveaway Results+ Zoo

No Description Availible
By: Arceus11111 | Duration: 7.72 min | Views: 324

Skylanders Short Cuts: Fryno

Crash and burn Find out if deep breathing and recreation time help control Frynos Angry Bike outbursts Hint Not really About SWAP Force Embark on a
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 1.52 min | Views: 562632

Skylanders BOOMCAST: Night Shift & Freeze Blade Short Cut and Skylanders SWAP Force Game Truck

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SKYLANDERS VIDEOS bit ly 1buOS6I Skylanders Boomcast brings you the latest in Skylanders SWAP Force news Host Zachary Gordon give
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 5.77 min | Views: 197125


Un petit cadeau pour ceux qui on pas SKYLANDERS aller sur Www skylandersgame Start Et vous pourrez vous amusez avec eu oublier pas de creer votre compte avan
By: saphirasaho2 | Duration: 0.18 min | Views: 23361

Meet the Skylanders: Rubble Rouser

Brace For Impact Hailing from a race of creatures who ate rock for a living Rubble Rouser spent most days digging his way through the vastness of Deep Moun
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 0.33 min | Views: 108180

Meet the Skylanders: Lightning Rod (extended)

One Strike And Youre Out Lightning Rod once lived in the majestic Cloud Kingdom where his countless acts of heroism along with his winning smile and elect
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 0.47 min | Views: 414381

First when you open skylanders game

This video was uploaded from an Android phone
By: WICKEDJAKE90 | Duration: 3.75 min | Views: 317

Meet the Skylanders: Slam Bam (extended)

Armed And Dangerous Slam Bam lived alone on a floating glacier in a remote region of Skylands where he spent his time ice surfing eating snow cones and s
By: SkylandersGame | Duration: 0.5 min | Views: 488568